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অধ্যাপক মাহমুদা খাতুন

অধ্যাপক মাহমুদা খাতুন

This is my immense pleasure to note the launching of the web site of Vashantek Government College. This web site is another effort to make this institution digitally provisioned to meet the Government`s Vision 2021 in turning  the country into a digitally capable one.  Vashantek  Government College is a new institution, the college`s vision is no smaller though. This institution strives to provide its students with the best possible education facilities . At the same it earnestly tries to arrange programs and developments. This web site will play an important role  in involving all its stakeholders into the development process of this institution through informing and communicating with them continually.

This effort, however, was a difficult one considering the age and infrastructure of the institution.  We faced it dauntlessly and my heartfelt  thanks to my colleagues who worked really hard and incessantly to materialize this web site. Also, my gratitude to all concerned authorities for their support and guidance to make this web site a reality for Vashantek Government College.

I would cordially wish that this web site will turn into a successful effort of Vashantek Government College. I openheartedly invite all the stakeholders and anyone concerned to visit this web site and make the best use of it.

My best regards and warmest wishes for all.